Revised a bit

“For a two-leg, we need to dig deep” she mew quickly as if she felt there were foxes on her tail. Crookedstar looked at her as if he’d never truly seen her before. They were burying a two-leg kit after all, yet Crookedstar still wondered if she was up to something and decided he’d help if only to keep his eyes on her. She was still Mapleshade!, for Starclan’s sake!

Continuing as if she was noticing Crookedstar looking inquisitively at her, “The dark forest eats away at your mind and soul until you finally fade away altogether. I avenged my kits and saved the mother of this two-leg kit when she was still a kit herself. I wonder if she still remembers me?”

“I do” purred Catwoman softly as both she and the elders lay with their head on their paws (or arms in the case of Catwoman) listening to the story being told by Crookedstar as if they were kits come to hear the stories told by the elders like when they were kits.

Crookedstar continuing his story, Mapleshade went on to me “If what I did to avenge my kits as well as save the two-leg kit was deemed a crime worthy of the dark forest…I’ve no regrets. I do it again.

But I would like you to know more than what you’ve been told by cats who heard stories passed down over many moons by angry and bitter cats. You can ask Darkstar, who allowed my kits to be buried on Riverclan’s territory and Oakstar, the leader who cast me and my kits out of Thunderclan yourselve when you one day enter Starclan” she said with a quick nod at Crookedstar.

“I know what I said about your loved ones, but the curse I uttered to Reedshine all those moons ago ended when a cat named Oakheart (your brother) had kits with a cat then named Bluefur (now Bluestar). He never stopped loving her and he never lied to her. He asked Greypool (the sister of the Willowbreeze- the cat you loved) to help raise his kits (she never asked about their mother although she suspected a Thunderclan cat). When I was a young Thunderclan warrior, I too fell for a Riverclan warrior, but I wasn’t as lucky as Bluefur.”


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