Mapleshade chapter 3

When I was a young cat, just a few moons after being made a warrior, I fell in love with a Riverclan cat, his name was Appledusk. He was very handsome. He treated me so wonderfully that I truly believed every purr that came from his smooth talking muzzle. I did not knows he was mated, her name was Reedshine, or that he had several other she-cats he visited in each and every clan.

Crookedstar looked up from the digging at Mapleshade, shock radiating from his pelt. This was not the same Appledusk he heard stories about!

After several moons, I discovered that I was going to have kits! I was so excited. We were going to bring peace to our clans, these kits would be so loved by both Thunderclan and Riverclan. He agreed. He suggested that as soon as they were old enough that I should bring them to Riverclan, but that wasn’t to be. During the last battle over Sunning Rocks, Oakstar’s son, Birchface was killed along with his apprentice, Flowerpaw. Oakstar and Thunderclan held Appledusk responsible. A tragic accident is what Appledusk told me. And at the time, I ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT LYING FURBALL!, she yowled loudly enough to wake the whole forest.

Anyway I entered the nursery, Frecklewish, who I thought was my best friend, was still mourning the loss of her brother. She convinced herself that since her brother and I were friendly, these kits must be his. I was sore and tired, so why bother correcting her. Pretty soon she had the entire camp believing it. I didn’t say a word. I convinced myself that not telling anyone wasn’t really lying since I never said who the father was.

Ravenwing, the medicine cat, decided I was a traitor and went to Oakstar. I begged her to let me tell Oakstar and the clan once the kits were a bit older. She told me that my kits should never have been born. We were thrown out into the night. I begged to let my kits eat and rest first. It was cold and the river swollen, but no. We had to leave right then! She snarled.



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