And now for something completely strange

This story takes place at the start of the great journey with the elders who were left behind and ends in the forest that became the new home for the clans. These cats are the sole property of Erin Hunter and any resemblance to one of her stories is seriously accidental.

A shimmering cat with stars in its fur appeared before the elders. With a bow of his head he acknowledged Catwoman. “Let me take you back several seasons” he meowed. “I, Crookedstar, was priveledged to watch a cat, then named Fireheart give a life to a lifeless two leg” he indicated Catwoman with a flick of his tail. There was me and my deputy Leopardfur. Bluestar and Tigerclaw for Thunderclan, Tallstar and Mudclaw for Windclan, and Brokenstar and Nightpelt for Shadowclan.” He continued, “two days later is when it happened. I saw a cat I recognized from my childhood, she was dragging something by the remains of some sort of white pelt. It was bloated from the lake water and had the scent of something dead. She looked up at me and purred that she knew I would obviously not trust her ever again, but begged that I would please listen to the story she had to tell while her mind was still clear enough to tell it. I nodded in agreement.”

“You know me, but you only know the stories told by those that believed I was solely responsible for all that happened. You witnessed Fireheart give a new life to that two leg woman not more than two moons ago, but did you know that when she was a kit, I saved her? I watched from the shadows as she fell from that two leg nest with her kit pulled to her body, wishing she could break its fall.”

The others heard the cries of a mother coming from Catwoman, as Catwoman looked to Crookedstar hoping for news of her child.

Crookedstar continued his story, “I’m burying this kit where Darkstar buried my kits so many moons ago, said Mapleshade.”

There was an audible gasp from the elders when they heard the name, having been brought up to believe that she was a kit killer.

“Hopefully Starclan will keep the bees from my brain long enough for me to tell you my side of the story” she hissed.

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