A Harry Potter Christmas story


This story is based on dream I had while listening to my kindle as I fell asleep. The characters are the sole property of J.K. Rowlings and any resemblance beyond that to anything is a major accident.

Since being snowed in and no-one could leave Hogwarts for the holidays, all houses were being gathered in the great hall for some fun after the evening meal. This assignment was that each house would be singing the same Christmas carol, but in their own unique style and all needing to incorporate some magic relating to the song. The song chosen was O Come All Ye Faithful. The first house was Ravenclaw, which in their own unique style of dress stood in the formation of a traditional choir and did their piece to the traditional version of the song with the creation of small sprigs of mistletoe and holly wreaths. Next night it was Hufflepuff’s turn, like Ravenclaw the stood in the same choir formation, but chose a more formal style of Christmas colored attire and used their wands to create some Christmas puddings as well as some egg nog which was appreciated by staff and students alike. The third house was the very prim and proper Slytherin House. They to choose to stand in a choir formation, but naturally chose to wear formal dress robes and created a traditional Christmas feast. Lastly, was the ever non-traditonal  Griffindor House, in plain white T-shirts and bell bottom jeans. They decided to go with the muggle version of the song, a parody called O Come All Ye Grateful Deadheads. Holding their wands out in front of them, they started to sing,when they came upon the line about bringing their sleeping bags, they with an outward wave of their wands (in complete unison no less), sleeping bags lined up in a row before them. After the part about not washing they’re feet, they in unison once again waved at their feet and their shoes all disappeared. Teachers, especially Professors McGonagal and Flitwick were putting their hands over their mouths to hide their smiles and suppress their laughter. When they reached the line about wearing tye-died t-shirts they brought their wands down over the white t-shirts they wore which were now tye-died and bore the bear logo of the grateful dead. Griffindors final and most impressive bit of magic was at the last line about Garcia being the lord and with an upward sweep of their collective wands they changed the house decorations from the Griffindor Lion to pictures of Jerry Garcia.

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