a little connector I’m adding to family

Harry left the kitchen and went to Ginny’s room in an effort to coax her down to dinner. He knocked several times, each louder than the one before, finally Ginny opened up as she woke more fully.

Still in a notoriously bad mood, she demanded details from Harry that he was still uncomfortable giving.

Looking down at his shoes, he finally shouted angrily “You don’t know what it feels like having this inside you!” She yelled back, “I’m being trained to control a new power and at the same time being avoided as if I were diseased! People cross the hall, change staircases, sit as far from me as they can, point at me and whisper in the Great Hall or in the library whenever they see me! So why don’t you just try me! She concluded with a defiant stare.

Looking ashamed of himself, Harry reached out to touch her as she turned away with her head down appearing to make an effort not to cry. Harry then told her, “I didn’t just see through the eyes of the snake. I actually was the snake. Feeling what it felt, hearing what it heard, and understanding its thoughts. I actually tasted your father’s blood. It was more horrendous than anything I had yet experienced. When Dumbledore had Snape take me to the dungeon, he told me something I had suspected, but prayed wasn’t true.” He pointed to his scar, “I have a connection to Voldemort’s mind. He said that I needed to learn something called occlumency. From what I’ve come to understand it is the opposite of what you’re learning. By the way, how’s it going with you?”

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