more family

After a huge dinner in the Great Hall, Harry and his friends returned to their respective dormitories for a good night’s sleep. Soon everyone was snoring away. Harry then began wildly thrashing about in his sleep waking both Ron and Neville, who came charging into the room to help Ron as he tried desperately to wake Harry. Hermione and Ginny came charging in just after Neville. Neville and Ron both yelled at the girls to go get Professor McGonagall as they both continued to try wake Harry. The girls ran for the Professor’s sleeping chambers as Harry suddenly sat bolt upright and began to vomit. Everyone had tears formed of terror streaming down their faces. The girls arrived at the Professors door as fast as their legs could carry them. Fortunately, Minerva McGonagall had heard the screams and the scuffling feet and was just opening her door as the girls came racing up.

“It’s Harry” the girls cried in unison. “Neville and Ron…Harry throwing up…come quickly”, was all they could pant out bent double as they were both sobbing and trying to catch their breath.

Professor McGonagall with the girls in tow, made it back to the dormitory in record time. All the Weasley children were gathered and with Harry supported between Ron and the Professor, headed for Professor Dumbledore’s office. Harry vomited several more times along the way. With bloodshot eyes and tear stained face, Harry looked up into Dumbledore’s worried face.

“What’s happened, Harry?” questioned an extremely upset Dumbledore. “What did you see? And how? Were you watching from a distance? Or were you closer?”

“Mr. Weasley…attacked by a snake” panted Harry between waves of severe nausea and sudden, uncontrolled muscle spasms that had him on his knees vomiting as the Weasley siblings looked on in horror.

Dumbledore turned to the portrait of Phineas Black and told him to tell the order all that he heard here tonight and that the kids were being sent by portkey.

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