The idea for this story came from a dream I had one night after watching “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”, so as I frequently do when I come up with I consider a good piece, I get up, turn on my light, and write it down before I forget. This is what came to my twisted mind. This actually began in my mind probably around book 3. All characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and thank you for allowing me to be play with your toys. Anything resembling anything is purely accidental and probably resulted in a massive coronary.

Harry, who would now be living with the Weasley’s now that the war was over and Voldemort was now dead, was helping along with Hermione and Professor McGonagall to clean up after Fred’s funeral. The Professor said to Harry that as soon as they were finished cleaning she had a box Dumbledore had left her with instructions to give it to Harry when Voldemort had finally been defeated. “He always had faith in you” she told Harry in a motherly tone Harry rarely heard from her.

Harry thought, Dumbledore really did care for me, as a tear rolled down his cheek at the memory of his late mentor and headmaster.

Sitting down at the table next to George and chewing on some leftover ham, Ron said, “Go on …open it, Harry.”

Hermione and Ginny pulled up seats while Mrs. Weasley and Professor McGonagall stood behind them.

Slowly Harry lifted the lid on the box, inside was a large rectangular book that appeared to be a Muggle photo album as well as a two smaller books the first called “Little Altars Everywhere” and the second “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”. The photo album was decorated in sea shells and pearls.

Opening the album, Harry saw four girls, each picture in one corner. In the top right hand corner was his mum, Lily Evans (nee Potter), beside her in the top left corner was his aunt Petunia Evans (nee Dursley), below Harry’s mum in the lower right corner was a lady he never saw, so he looked at the back of the photo and said this is Serena Snape, his godmother and late wife of his godfather Sirius Black, lastly another photo he didn’t recognize was to the left in the bottom corner, on the back was the name Alice Longbottom. Neville’s mum. All writing was in his mum’s hand, which Harry stared at with great intensity as if this would bring his mum back to life.

After looking at several pictures of his mum together with her sister, Harry turned towards Ron and Hermione and said, “I always was under the impression that Aunt Petunia hated mum”. As soon as Harry spoke the name of his aunt he saw several small balls of light appear over the photo he had just put down and they formed into his aunt. “I’ve only a short time my poor nephew” said the image. “This is the last of the magic my and Dumbledore’s combined magic could leave to explain to you a little of what transpired all those years ago.” Harry’s jaw dropped not only at his Aunt’s confession of being magical, but she used the “M” word and lovingly rather than with the tone of disgust she normally did. Continuing as if he had never interrupted her, “I wish I had known that Sirius would be convict of Peter’s crime and without trial too, I would’ve said something before Dumbledore and I cast the spell that we did. I know that you are aware now of what happens if you attempt to bring back the dead. We do not belong to the world of the living and will not react as the living do. Voldemort sent Peter to kill us and all family in the muggle world on the off chance he failed to kill you. He didn’t want you to have a home, but rather be raised in an orphanage as he had. He failed though, your Uncle Vernon survived. He was in such a state though that both Dumbledore and I (Dudley and I being magical muggles as you call us- emotion channelers as we named ourselves) decided that bringing us back to raise you was imperative. Of course, Vernon sensed to a degree which grew as you came closer and closer to coming of age what had transpired and he blamed you for his loss. I’m sorry we could not show you any real family emotion or closeness. You must realize by now that this effect was intensified by the unintentional horcrux Voldemort created.

Professor McGonagall looked at Harry in horror, having read those books that Hermione summoned from Dumbledore’s office just after his funeral.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and all the other Weasley’s with the exceptions of Ron and Ginny looked to Harry for an explanation of what a Horcrux was, but would have to wait for the message from Petunia Dursley to finish. Having the unexplainable feeling that this message could not be repeated.

Continuing unaware of what was going on around her, “I went to school at Lady Agatha’s in Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.A. being that I was an emotion channeler unlike your parents who were wand channelers. Anyway when we die we become whitelighters, somewhat similar to your ghost, but rather than being echoes of soul afraid to die. We guide young witches and are even able to heal our charges when they are harmed by evil. It was this power I was able to combine with a spell of Dumbledore’s to give Dudley and myself a life with Vernon in order to help raise you”. Harry looked completely stunned at the revelation. Realizing that as they had left the house that day, only his Uncle Vernon would be occupying the car as his aunt and cousin faded into just being a memory. Harry let out an awed whisper, “so I was raised by ghosts”. The apparition that was Petunia seemed as if aware of Harry’s mumblings for the first time answered, “Not ghosts so much as something closer to a zombie or what the wizarding world would call an “Inferi”. Every jaw dropped in shock at the horrible realization that Harry’s Aunt and Cousin were in actuality animated corpses. Continuing once again as if unaware of her surroundings, looking through Harry Petunia continued, “As long as there was still the blood of your mother running through my veins, the protection from her sacrifice kept you safe, but the closer you came to be of age the weaker that same protection became.

Now Voldemort’s gone and you’re safe. And always remember “Life is uncertain—Eat dessert first!”

This completely had both George and Ron, who were shoveling all the remaining pudding into their mouths as fast as they could, trying hard not laugh it out of their mouths and onto the others seated around them.


4 thoughts on “EAT DESSERT FIRST!

  1. That’s quite the family secret there! For zombies, I guess Petunia and Dumbledore looked pretty good. Was Harry retroactively frightened of them? I think i would be.

    Also, “nee” means “born,” so you use it with the maiden name, not the married name. Lily Potter (nee Evans).


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