For those who didn’t see Percy’s Revenge

My stories tend to come from dreams (daydreams or nighttime ones). Sometimes I just like to miss taking that left turn at Albuquerque. All characters are the property of J.K. Rowling. This particular story was inspired by another fanfiction I read by M.S. Binns.


After Fred’s funeral the adults had gathered to tell their remembrances downstairs and the students still in Hogwarts and the recent graduates gathered in Ginny’s room to share their tales, when all was said and done and most all the guest had left, everyone gathered downstairs to help with the cleanup. It was then that Bill and Fleur to cheer everyone up decided to make their big announcement. Directing his parents to the couch after having requested them to take a seat, Bill put his arm around his blushing bride and said “You are to become grandparents”. Everyone heartily congratulated the couple.

“Now we can do to you what your grandparents did to us” laughed Mr. Weasley putting his arm about Mrs. Weasley as she blushed profusely.

“What did your parents do?” asked both Bill and Fleur in unison sharing anxious looks.

“Nothing to devilish” Mr. Weasley began with a mischievous sparkle in his eye.

Mrs. Weasley continued, “Grandparents get to spoil while the parents are the ones to use that horrible word. Bill and Fleur exchange anxious glances once again as Mrs. Weasley said, “And that word is NO. We also have to say things like eat all your veggies, time to wash up, and its bedtime.”

“They’d give you anything you asked for, let you stay up as late as you wanted, feed you sugary treats till you were spinning about little tops and once they were too tired to deal with anymore they’d give you back to us to deal with. Then we’d have to try and calm you down and get you to stop bouncing off the walls and get you to go to bed.

As for Fred and George, those two never wanted to wear clothes, your grandparents obliged them even at the age of 9. Made Percy cry, thought he would be able to go to Hogwarts’s because he thought Diagon Alley would be closed and he wouldn’t be able to get to Madam Malkin’s for his robes or Ollivander’s for his wand.”

George said, “Sorry Perce…Forgive us”.

“Don’t worry…   I got even” answered Percy quietely and looking sheepishly at Ron. “Ron was almost 9…I kind of bought him for 20 galleons. Wish I knew what he would do with them, but I didn’t really care. And well he got you good both coming and going”.

George looked impressed at his brothers, while Ron simply looked confused.

Percy went on “I originally started off offering Ron just one Galleon to go starkers on his toy broom around the downstairs. You know just whizzing about like you and Fred did, but he wouldn’t do it so I offered him two, then three, and so on until I finally got to 20.” George looked over at Ron impressed that he also was as fiscally saving as he and his twin were. “I didn’t realize that it wasn’t Galleons Ron wanted. It was ice cream” Percy finished.

With an apologetic look at Ron, Percy continued, “when we finally got Ron into his clothes and out to Diagon Alley so the two one you” he glanced at George, “could get your wands…I told Ron I’d run interference with mum and dad so he could spend his money at Fortescue’s and get some ice cream. I hadn’t realized that he’d spend all 20 Galleons to eat his way through all the flavors there. Boy was he sick,” Percy put his arm around him, “but I sure love him!” He said with a little shake of Ron’s shoulders against his. You two were in tears. No attention. None beforehand in the muddle to catch and dress Ron. None afterwards because he was so sick. EVERYWHERE!” Percy laughed.

Once over the shock, George began to laugh. “I knew you had it in you Perce. You are one of us after all.”

2 thoughts on “For those who didn’t see Percy’s Revenge

  1. A very delightful story. I sat here reading it and thought about my own antics that I played through with my siblings. Well written also. It is a wonderful short story. Are you going to have a book of your short stories published?
    Shalom aleichem,

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve been considering it. Wasn’t sure if anybody really wanted me to. Will have to check with a friend about how to go about it. Don’t know if I need to get some Betas first or how I’d go about it.


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