next bit of The Life and Times of Sirius Black

After being released by St. Mungos, Walburga kept the boys at home the next day where she could keep an eye on them. Her cousin, Druella Black (nee Rosier) brought over her two daughters for the boys to play with. Regulus, although very young, showed a healthy interest in Bellatrix who was quite a few years older and already in her third year at Hogwarts, her newborn sister Narcissa was only a month younger than Sirius. Walburga felt the sisters’ would be perfect matches for her sons.

Regulus went off hand-in-hand with Bellatrix, she leaned in close to his ear and hissed, “Did you follow my instructions for what you wished to do?” “Yes”, he answered. “But it appears that my brother is very powerful…we both ended up in St. Mungos. We just got home just minutes before you came. And she’s actually proud. Both of the fact that I tried to kill my brother and also that he was strong enough to have almost killed me.” They had walked into the kitchen as he spoke and started to pull together ingredients for a roast beef sandwich. Mumbling over a mouthful, “I don’t think our house-elf likes him much either.” Bellatrix returning with Regulus to the sitting room while finishing up their sandwiches, seemed to digest this new information as she looked over to see Sirius sitting on the floor and playing pushball with Narcissa. Narcissa was giggling that high sporadic laugh common to babies. She pushed back so hard it zoomed past Sirius to Walburga’s feet just as her cousin’s friend arrived with her son, who was the same age as Sirius. “So sorry we’re late” exclaimed the woman, named Euphemia Potter. Sirius had just met his best friend, James Potter, who upon seeing Narcissa, pointed his finger at her and yelled “pretty”. To which Sirius heartily yelled back, YES!” Both mothers looked proudly at their sons as if the boys had just chosen their future bride.

What could’ve gone wrong? Wondered Walburga, who was sitting in her favorite chair. She had taken all the proper potions during her pregnancy and still her most powerful child…turning out like her muggle loving brother-in-law. She could hardly bear to think let alone say it out loud. Yet she always said it to Sirius whenever he became too cantankerous. Her son may have possessed his fathers’ good looks and aristocratic bearing, but he had that attitude of that Potter boy. How Euphemia, whose blood was as pure as her own could become a blood traitor was beyond her. Walburga aimed her wand at the family tree tapestry on the wall and with a small puff of smoke burned the name off forevermore. Walburga then tried to sort through her feelings, she couldn’t help but love (or perhaps covet) this incredibly powerful child of hers. Sirius and James appeared to be like two magical pods on a Snarfalump plant. All she could hope for now was that they would put into separate houses but she wasn’t going to hold her breath on that count.

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