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Walburga couldn’t sleep, so she lay awake staring at the ceiling when she heard a loud crash.

Sirius felt intensely cold. He felt that something was squeezing his neck and he rolled and rolled about in his crib as he struggled to breathe. He then saw the face of his brother coming out of the darkness and he knew. With one giant push of his mind, Sirius threw his brother off him and although not in the same room Regulus was thrown from his bed where he had been imaging strangling the annoying little prat of a brother just as Bellatrix had described to him. Bellatrix had told him if he imagined it clearly enough in his mind his magic if strong enough could make his will into reality. He never expected a baby would be able to fight a child just turning 11 in a matter of days. As the room spun, he wondered how he would get along in Hogwarts if he could not even defeat a newborn, then everything went black.

“Kreature!” screamed Walburga, “check the baby” as she ran to Master Regulus’s room and saw her son lying in a crumbled heap by the wall and his bed exploded into splinters. “St. Mungos’s Emergency room, Kreature”, she yelled as he discovered the baby, Master Sirius, unconscious and slightly blue lying on his side as he had been in a great struggle. The elf apparated with the infant at almost the same moment as his mistress with Master Regulus in her arms.

The emergency room nurse entered the room Regulus was given after telling Walburga that they were keeping both boys overnight for observation and perhaps she should talk to her older child about getting along with his brother and how lucky her baby was to have had that curse rebound.


The doctor ran in when he heard the screaming to find the nurse in tears, said, “Don’t worry about a thing great lady, we’ll take care of it. After all boys will be boys.” He said in a soothing voice hoping to calm the woman knowing from previous experience this witch should have it spelled with a “B”. “By the way the curse didn’t rebound at your elder son by accident”, he went on hoping to placate her, “apparently you’re infant has been born with a rare and powerful gift called, “Legilimency”. He used a shield charm to protect himself. They’re both handsome little wizards and you’re welcome to stay the night with them.” Taking the apprentice healing witch by the hand, he looked over at Walburga and said he would have a talk with the young witch and once again told her not to worry.

3 thoughts on “Next bit

    • Trying to think up with where I should go next, bit of a block going on at the moment. Also changed a little from the book. Forgot Regulus was younger, I made him older. Since in the books Sirius mentions parents rather than parent, he may have known his father. Started thinking of this idea based on what if he was related to the comic, Lewis Black? lol

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