Still smarting from his bloodied ear, Sirius looked across the table and said, “I never would’ve expected that from you, Hermione.” She smiled as he continued, “I always considered you to be a bit of a goody two shoes, no offense.” She smiled at somewhat wryly and informed that she had saved his life a number of months ago. His face went slack with surprise as well as showing confusion. She had walked around the table to where he was sitting and grabbed his empty glass from in front of his plate and smacked it down onto the table with a loud bang. She now turned her face to Mad-Eye Moody and questioned “What would happen to an unregistered animagus?” Before Moody could answer a shocked Sirius looked at her, “Are you planning to turn me in?” Ron interrupted, “You had just left the hospital wing so you didn’t hear the sound.” Ron shot a glance at Hermione. He continued, “Ever wonder how Rita Skeeter got articles out on private conversations or knew things that happened in classrooms.” Ron looked at Harry, who was now remembering when he fell asleep in Trelawny’s Divination class. Molly Weasley who had re-entered the room trying to usher the kids off to bed, blushed and once again apologized to Hermione about the size of her Easter Egg. Hermione told her that she didn’t mind, the one letter of all the hate mail she received, the one that mad her want to bring down Rita Skitter if it was the last thing she did, was when she received an envelope full of undiluted bubotubers pus. Everyone gasped and looked sympathetically over at Hermione. Ron said I’d definitely would be calling that witch a b…”Language Ron”, cried the twins in unison, as they tried to suppress their chuckles. “Well”, began Ron, “I know better to get on Hermione’s bad side. Know what the muggles call a listening device”, Ron asked his father smiling from ear to ear. “A bug. Anyway Hermione released Rita Skeeter in London when we got off The Hogwart’s Express after convincing her to keep her quill to herself for a year.” Everyone suppressed their giggles and guffaws while looking approvingly at Hermione.

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