The beginnig of something new. An original fanfiction of character with no real past per se.

The day felt hot. Very hot. Her mother always said boys born on the hottest days made the best purebloods as well as the strongest wizards. Soon she thought to herself as she caressed her well rounded stomach.

Walburga Black, recently widowed, very near to giving birth to her second child (actually the third- her mind refused to count the first). She felt mixed emotions concerning the death of her husband.

Orion Black tried to provoke magic out of their eldest child, Regulus, who Walburga feared that perhaps he took after the child that she previously bore. Lewis, the actual first born never displayed any magical abilities (a child known as a squib) subsequently given to an orphanage in Muggle America by Orion (Walburga disposed of any other child showing no magical talents in the same way she disposed of burnt haggis).

Fearing Lewis’s fate, Regulus therefore allowed these attempts, in fact he almost looked forward to them.

His father decided to take him to visit with his more muggle tolerant uncle’s home today. Regulus liked going to his uncle’s. Less pressure to do magic. His mother on the other hand very much disliked his uncle and barely tolerated muggles, referring to them as “mudbloods”. He later discovered this means “dirty blood”.

Orion Black, not wanting to lose another child, desperate to provoke even the tiniest bit of magic out of his son, decided that since his brother needing to run to market, provided the perfect opportunity to attempt the killing curse on his brother’s muggle visitor and hopefully inciting a magical outburst in his son.

The terrified child caused a three-sided mirror to appear encompassing the shocked muggle, the muggle fainting resulting in the curse being reflected back to the person who initiated it.

After returning from his errand, Orion’s brother found both his brother and his muggle friend lying dead next to his distraught nephew.

Bringing back his’s brother’s body and his wand to Walburga, the brother took his leave never to be heard from again.

At the top of the stairs Regulus watched as his uncle walked out the door, silently weeping, knowing that he’d never see his uncle again.


Walburga checked her husband wand for the last spell it preformed. It allowed her to momentarily speak and to discover just what happened. Her husband, bursting with pride told how Regulus accidently conjured a mirror and also how the dear boy combined both his fear and anger to wish that the heart of the muggle to rot within his chest. Grieving at the loss of her husband, she also found herself to be extremely proud of her son’s powers.


Relived that her faithful servant, a house-elf by the name of Kreacher, arrived to help her care for this child, Walburga felt ready to bring new life to this modest old mansion of hers. This child, certain that he’d possess greater powers than even Master Regulus, thus restoring the house of Black to its rightful place.

A family tapestry on the wall, showed the linage of the Black family, clear back to the time of the pharaohs. It possessed many scorch marks representing either witches or wizards that like Lewis, born without any magical talents, or chose a lifestyle deemed to be not proper pureblood behavior.

Walburga, reflecting on this as she walked to her bed chambers, suddenly screamed, “Kreacher!” as her water broke. She said more quietly and calmly, “It’s time”, as the small elf help the large witch into her bed.

Screaming and cursing, Krecher, muggles, and the husband that left her to raise two children all alone, she finally felt relief, then heard the cries of her new born.

“It’s a boy” Kreacher told her as he roughly cleaned the after birth and putting the child into Walburga’s arms.

“Sirius, that’s your name’, cooed his mother before handing the child back to Kreacher and surrendering to sleep.

My name is Sirius, he thought as he continued to cry. He then noticed how Krecher stared at him with those extremely large round eyes. You can understand what I’m thinking, can’t you he asked. The strange looking creature holding him answered, “Yes Kreacher understands Master Sirius. The strange creature put him into his basinet and left the child to his thoughts.

Sirius wondered why he felt that this creature that called himself Kreacher seemed to possess distasteful feelings towards him.

Why? Being just minutes old. He felt surprise knowing languages? He understood feelings? He wanted to sleep. Maybe tomorrow when he woke up being a whole day old he’d understand. Or so he thought.


The child, born with not only wavy brown hair, but A FULL SET OF TEETH! Kreacher remembered his grandmother telling him once of another very powerful wizard born that way, but knew, even if he possessed the ability to speak freely, there are some things people, especially this great lady refused to hear. No matter how much his mistress tried to convince herself that she descended from Salazar Slytherin, she actually directly descended from Godric Gryffindor!

Each new day brought new challenges, not to mention new toys. Sirius, spoiled by his mother in a way that made his brother not only jealous, but furious that he never received such lavish treatment in way even close to this. And all because his magic came immediately even in the womb.

Regulus found some solace in the fact that he be seeing his favorite cousin Bellatrix today. His mother finally decided she felt strong enough to go shopping in Diagon Alley. She also wanted to show off her new and clearly very strong baby wizard. While inside one of the many stores in the alley, the baby Sirius took a fancy to a dragon made of ebony colored bone, he made grabbing motions with his little hands in the direction of the small statuette and it began to float towards him. Much to the delight of his mother. Bragging to anyone that listened to her about her strong, wondrous little wizard, and totally ignoring Regulus. Regulus, livid, thought, I needed to be poked and prodded and provoked until I not only killed my own father but lost my favorite uncle too, and now this perfect little brother of mine (those last words,  spat in his mind with such venom that the baby stared at him before starting to cry again). Can he hear me? , wondered a shocked Regulus.

While Walburga, gloating to her friend about her wondrous little boy being born with full powers including legilimency, Regulus wandered off with his cousin Bellatrix. Bellatrix’s lips drew back and her eyes widen in horror upon seeing the child for the first time. She seemed to share Regulus feelings, yet she seemed to sense that something more sinister (to her anyway). Regulus found his cousin to be the most beautiful and talented witch he ever knew and wished to impress her. After he bragged about his own magical abilities, he complained about how his brother can get away with anything he wants whenever he wants and like he no longer existed. Bellatrix answered, “If he bothers you all that much…kill him”. She said with a bored look and a quick toss of her head. At his shocked look, she continued, “If my little sister showed that kind of power”, she inclined her head towards Narcissa, her baby sister, “Making me look like some little idiot wasting space and making my mother ignore me… channeling all my powers into a dream of my killing her. A dream such as strangling her with my bare hands, a dream leaves no telling mark”.

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