Well here’s what I came up with next

Sirius entered the kitchen with Molly Weasley shortly followed by Professor Remus Lupin and Tonks. Spluttering bubbles from his mouth, Sirius said, “You know Harry that there is a saying that the best cooks make the best potion makers”. Harry responded, “I think I have an idea for my potions assignment. Both Sirius and his friend Professor Remus Lupin looked on with interest while the women with the exception of Professor Serena Jones decided to go back to bed and tried to encourage the youngsters to do the same. Ron and Ginny being ushered out of the kitchen by their mother, but the twins, who were now 17 stayed as did Hermione. As he sulked to the door, Ron turned his head saying to Harry, at least now you can keep Malfoy from making your potions explode or turn invisible. I mean Crabbe and Goyle were thick enough to eat those floating cupcakes a few years back. Make cupcakes and they’ll never forgive Malfoy if he tries to hex those!”

Once Ron, Ginny, Tonks, and Mrs. Weasley exited the room, Harry was asked by both Sirius and Remus the nature of the assignment. Hermione started to answer for him as usual when Harry interrupted with, “we need to come up with 4 potions…one representing each house and the heads of each house will be present, but the judges would be three classmates whose names were pulled from a cauldron passed around by Snape.”

“Professor Snape!” Both Remus and Sirius cried out in unison. Hoping to impress upon Harry to show some respect irrelevant of personal feelings towards the man.

Harry tried not to roll his eyes as he said, “Professor Snape” in a defeated tone. “Aunt Petunia for one birthday gave me a pamphlet for Instajiffy cupcake mix and let me watch a show that was a timed contest for bakers, I think I can come up with cupcakes in the colors of each house.” He began as he walked around the table placing pancakes on the plates of each of the assembled now including Mad-Eye Moody, who just came in and sat down. Maybe even adding an ingredient or two representing the heads of each house. Perhaps some lavender and sapphron flavoring for Madam Sprout being as she’s Herbology as well as double chocolate cake with a lemon cream cheese frosting for the colors of the house next a charm to make the cupcakes jump at the touching like chocolate frogs for Professor Flitwick being the charms professor with a golden cake and bluebell colored frosting representing Ravenclaw. Slyherin is silver and green, so perhaps adding some parsley and sage to a white cake mix will give me green cake and perhaps some pulled taffy instead of regular frosting for silver. Lastly for our colors of gold and red, a red velvet cake I think with a butterbeer frosting and of course for Professor McGonagall, I think I’ll put a salted caramel flavoring inside. Now I just need to think on the ingredients I’ll need and perhaps I’ll make a small cookie to top the cupcakes in the shape of each house’s shields.”

Sirius, Remus, and Serena looked impressed as they were busy eating the pancakes Harry had just put on each plate for those still with him in the kitchen. Mad-Eye’s only comment, mumbled between mouthfuls, “Good cook, Potter…useful skill.”

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