The next snippet of family.Your guess is as good as mind how I’m getting to the end.

Harry awoke at 2:00 a.m., hungry, so he snuck down to the kitchen as he had so many times when he was certain that the Dursley’s were sleeping exceptionally sound. He had a craving for pancakes and did not wish to wait for breakfast. Pancakes were one of his specialties. Ron woke, he crept over to where Fred and George were sleeping and gently woke them with a hand on each of their shoulders. Catching sight of Harry on the stairs, they three followed him to the kitchen. The noise woke Ginny and Hermione. The adults, Sirius in the lead slept very lightly, heard the commotion and saw the children entering the kitchen. Holding back the others with outstretched arms, “Turnabout is fair play…let’s listen in on them for a while”.


Seeing the ingredients on that Harry was taking from the cupboard, Hermione exclaimed, “I didn’t know you could cook, Harry!” Answering in a bland isn’t obvious tone, the Dursley’s frequently have me help in the kitchen and since they don’t always give me a lot to eat, I sometimes sneak down and make a snack for myself when I think I can do it without getting caught”.

On the other side of the door Sirius scowled at this statement.

Back in the kitchen, Hermione was asking, “Didn’t you ever make the connection between following ingredient lists in potions and recipes in cookbooks?”

Harry’s jaw dropped, “Never!” he yelped while pouring in the flour.

“Anybody like blueberries in their pancakes?” he asked as Hermione walked over to the door and turned her back to the wall.

Everybody in the kitchen was looking over at Hermione, the twins were about to ask what she was playing at when she put a finger to her lips to shush them, she then said, “well this solves your problem about what to do for your potions assignment”, in an exaggeratedly loud voice as she balled up her fist and hit the door hard just above the knob.

Before anyone could ask her why she did that they were regaled with a sudden and loud “Sonofa…” from Sirius followed quickly with a “Scurgify” by Molly Weasley pointing her wand at Sirius’s mouth.

3 thoughts on “The next snippet of family.Your guess is as good as mind how I’m getting to the end.

  1. Wow. I followed your story and this excerpt drew me in. I laughed at the end because of Hermione exposure of Sirius hiding behind the door. He probably has a very bloody mouth.
    Shalom Aleichem,


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