Next piece of Family

Ginny had stomped upstairs to her room. She flopped onto her bed face first. She felt as if every last drop of energy had been drained from her. She wished she didn’t have to learn to control this new power, although she realized every other new power had her feeling similarly, yet this one differed in that Voldemort had been frightened by this one and learning to control it might be the only way to keep herself and her family safe. Within the few seconds it took to think these thoughts, she was fast asleep in a Disney induced coma.

Serena watched Ginny retreating upstairs, ushered the others into the kitchen where Mr. Weasley, recently released from St. Mungos could sit down. They drank tea and ate pastries while she explained that the reason Dumbledore suggested the exchange program was so she could help teach Ginny how to control these powers. When they first became apparent, only her parents (she glanced over at Molly and Arthur), her new powers and the implications, but what happened just now (she waved her hand dismissively towards their previous location) makes me feel it necessary to inform you lot as to what she is capable of and the inherent dangers. The others looked perplexed, Serena said,” Imagine if you will a scared first year throwing a diary enchanted with more than simply dark magic, but a piece of Voldemort’s soul down a toilet”. Sirius as well as Harry, Ron, George and Fred smiled finding the image of Voldemort going down the loo hysterically funny although managing to keep the looks on their faces from betraying their amusement by quickly shoving pastries in their mouths. Continuing as if she hadn’t noticed the reactions at table, Serena still talking, “The nightmares that came from the accursed diary just became increasingly worse as opposed to improving. Ginny then plucked up all her courage (which is considerable), so instead of running away, she opened her mind to confront the source of it all.

Now, Serena said, “Ask yourselves….why Voldemort would change from using her as his tool to wanting to kill her.” They all just looked about at each other thinking thoughts that had never come to the forefronts of their minds before. No one had ever considered asking Ginny herself about this. They just figured since Harry was close to the Weasley family that Voldemort just used Ginny as a lure. “Voldemort may have said to Harry something about a silly little book in the hands of a silly little girl, but he knew the truth and that truth the scared him like he hadn’t been ever before. You just witnessed for yourselves what she is capable of doing.

“So what is this power that my little girl has?” Arthur Weasley asked.

“In this world…you refer to it as…Legilimency” answered Serena. “Most people are born to it and after a while of non-use it just fades away into the background of your other abilities and is forgotten. In some like Ginny it is particularly strong. Families such as the Malfoys if they discovered such powers among their children…immediately teach them occlumency and teach them to hide the powers”. She then began rolling her hands in an upward motion and a scene from “Frozen” appeared where the leader of the (cartoon) trolls was telling the child how there is great beauty in her powers, but also great dangers too. That fear would be her enemy. Serena then said to all those assembled around the table, “That is why occlumency came into being. So people could learn how to hide the powers. Now, Voldemort, he uses the powers of Legilimency to make people see illusions of things that he wishes them to see, but they are no more real than the illusions of the type put into your head by a boggart”.

Smirking, the twins simultaneously asked, “Can we use “Riddikulus!” on him?”

Holding back her laughter, she answered, “Never thought of trying that”.

Children living among muggles in the above ground covens of American witches learn how to control the emotion based powers they possess from birth. By Ginny’s age they tend towards experimenting in creating illusions out of their own imaginations. For example she flicked her fingers upward in front of Fred’s face, causing his nose to grow to the length of an elephant’s trunk. While Fred ran his hands up down the length of his new nose, the roar of the various laughers at the table was deafening. Her response was to flick the fingers of her other head towards the ceiling in a small circular motion causing it to snow, “You could call this a wizard’s blizzard”, she chortled.

“What Ginny did was well beyond her years and she basically scared the cream cheese out of Voldemort as well as most every four letter word that the lot of you”, she waved her hand about the table to encompass everyone, “can think of”.

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    • I frequently do more than one thing at once like reading at the same time I’m listening to T.V. or radio, so when I dream sometimes they come together in a what if these people were in this land or this person actually met that person. Think Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein for example.

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