This ends this story

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

I requested Commander Riker and his daughter join me in my office. My original intent was simply to meet the Commander’s daughter, but now the young Lieutenant tells me that the Romulans attempted this same thing on the first day of her previous two assignments. She said that she expected this because of her being the only part-Romulan to serve on board Federation ships. This, she said, was part of the reason that she had previously requested assignments to a Klingon vessel. I think I may understand why. She is very much like her father. I still don’t understand the Romulan motivation, but I’m inclined to believe her interpretation that they wish to discredit her in some way.

The Enterprise had just established communications with the Romulans when the enemy Commander came on screen and demanded Bec’arine be handed over to them. They claimed that she had once been a spy for them, but had turned traitor. Riker bristled but remained silent.

“I find that suggestion unlikely,” Picard firmly replied.

“So she has you in her power now, Picard?” said the Romulan in a mocking tone.


“Lieutenant Meleday to the bridge,” Picard ordered, touching a button on the arm of his chair.

Arriving on the bridge within moments, Bec’arine stared at the viewscreen for a second as if attempting to recognize her nemesis, while the Captain brought her up to date on the accusations of the Romulan Commander.

“Better story this time”, she commented dryly.

“It’s your word against ours,” the Romulan Commander countered with a sarcastic snarl.

“God!” she sighed, “Of all the sectors of space in all the galaxy, you had to walk into mine!”

Her father smiled briefly. The Data crisply stated, “I do a more convincing Bogart impersonation. “With a look, Picard quieted the android, and told the Romulan Commander, “Unless you can prove what you’ve stated to the satisfaction of a Federation JAG Officer, I strongly suggest you return to your own side of the neutral zone.”

Visual communications were broken and a voice over the speaker said,”We’ll be back!” as the vessel cloaked itself.

After the Romulans initiated their retreat, Counselor Troi motioned Captain Picard to his ready room with an urgent look. Once there, she indicated that she knew how he felt about Bec’arine’s response to the situation and wished to be present when he spoke to her about it.

The Captain requested Bec’arine join him in the ready room. He also extended the same invitation to Commander Riker.

“Do you consider this funny, Lieutenant?” roared Picard.

“I consider myself a Romulan, Captain,” she responded as emotionlessly as a Vulcan would. “ Do you know what it’s like to be one-quarter Romulan, sir? It’s possible to be three-quarters human, but not really.”

Looking pained, the Counselor interrupted. “You hurt.”

“No,I don’t,”Bec’arine replied in anger. “One thing I learned from my Vulcan cousins while I was living on their planet was how to control my emotions No one can hurt me anymore.”

Both the Commander and Captain stared at the young woman and could see the pain in her eyes and hear the pain in her voice, despite the protest about what she had learned on Vulcan. She stormed out of the ready room without asking nyone’s permission.

“She hurts,” Troi reiterated, to Captain Picard.

”I’m going to talk with her. After all, she is my daughter,” Riker said with equal solemnity.

In her quarters, Bec’arine sat on the edge of her bed holding a ginger brown teddy bear. When her chime rang, she called out, “Come in.”

Will Riker walked in and said, “Bc’ar…Becky, my father once told me that there are no tech manuals for parents. Sometimes you just have to wing it. So I’ll try.”

Pointing to her bear she said, “Data won this for me at a carnival.” The Commander merely smiled in reply. He knew the two had been friends, but he had no idea of how close. She continued, “Perhaps, although I studied the Cthia of my Vulcan cousins, I didn’t fully exercise my emotions. I try to tread a very fine line between being unable to love and being capable of being hurt. It is not easy.” All the while she spoke she had been stroking the head of the teddy bear. Her father came over to her and put his arm around her.

“Commander…”, started Bec’arine. “Dad,” she began again. “Thank you for believing in me.”

“You’re my daughter,” he said, as if he were still trying to convince himself that this was really a dream. “But I still don’t understand why you used that line from Casablanca?”

“My Romulan grandfather told me that in their version of Starfleet academy, they study the movie ‘Casablanca’ as if it were typical human behavior. All they understood was the betrayal and conflicts. They couldn’t see the romantic side.” With a funny lost look on her face, she commented “Data did, although he’d never admit to it. He says being romantic is a human emotion, and he isn’t human. In fact, if I had been sure that the Romulan Commander was married, I would’ve suggested a few things I would tell his wife.”

“You love Data, don’t you?”he said with a smile that said, I already know the answer.”

In an attempt to change the subject, “Do you think Worf will ever come to accept me?” she asked. “After all, we will have to depend on each other. Everyone in the Federation does.”

“He’ll be at the poker game tonight. Why don’t you come and see?” Her father smiled again, “You do know how to play?”

“Yes,” she answered almost blushing at the memory of her first game. “Will Data be at the game?”

“I believe he’s in Ten Forward. Why don’t you go ask him,” said her fathet, who laughec and shook his finger at her as she sprang off her bed and headed for the door.

“Ah, youthful innocence,” he said wistfully, thinking both of his daughter and his own early years as “Thunderball.” Maybe it was time he brought back that nom de plume. He smiled and followed his daughter out the door.

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