Here is my next installment

This was the story I told you about from Galaxy Class Volume 8.


In Ten-Forward, Kyle Riker was joined by his son. He gave his son one of the two drinks he had brought over from the bar.

“Remember before you ran off to join Starfleet: started the elder Riker with a broad smile. “You said that you could do a better job as a father than me.”

The Commander began a smile, then, suddenly, a look of terror appeared in his eyes. “That’s why you mentioned that nickname. ”Uneasily, he said, “but I was very careful about the girls I went with. If they didn’t specifically say they were already taking birth control measures, I’d leave. I wasn’t ready for that responsibility; I told them so. I was young.”

“One girl lied.” The elder Riker continued blandly, “Apparently, she wanted a child so badly that she was prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to have one. “He sighed, “In fact, I didn’t find out until after the child’s mother’s death when she informed me that until accepted into Starfleet Academy, she had been living on Vulcan. Her tour of duty on the Kha’chan ended last week. She wished to transfer to the Enterprise. I’m not sure if she realized at the time that you were aboard, but I do know that she got on particularly well with one of her former classmates, who is currently a crew member.”

If the floor had been any higher, Will Riker might have severely injured his jaw. Recovering from his shock he inquired, “Kha’chan-isn’t that a Klingon vessel?”

“Sure is,” continued his father with a smile the size of a class B probe. “She is very nervous about meeting new people and feels she must be particularly candid about her ancestry.”

At a questioning glance from his son, the elder Riker elaborated, “Do you remember 85 years ago? The Romulan who defected? He was her other grandfather. She is one quarter Romulan as well as three quarters human. Of course, she has the pointed ears, sweeping eyebrows, and some other characteristics of the race.”

“But if she is part Romulan,” protested Will, “we couldn’t have been capable of producing a child without help.”

Smiling, the elder Riker said, “Do you remember what you told me about those scientists who needed cloning materials?”

“Yes, they removed a sample from me while I was unconscious.” He looked confused for a moment while repeating the incident to his father, then the realization suddenly dawned on him. “That Bitch! Well if my… daughter is as much like me as you say, she has obviously looked through our records.” The thought of meeting Worf must be scaring the hell out of her!”

“I’ll bet”, the elder Riker agreed, appearing concerned. “I looked into the records of all personnel once she had related her ancestry to me. She told me why she is so up front about her Romulan heritage. Apparently when she was younger she did not feel it necessary to say “Hi, I’m part Romulan.” Then, when people did find out, he would be accused of keeping this knowledge hidden on purpose.” He paused, appearing to be tired. “Her name is Lieutenant Bec’arine Meleday. I will be on board for another two hours if you should need my help.”

“Thank you. I better be getting back to the bridge,” Will replied bas he turned to leave. “I’ll find out what Data knows about her.”

3 thoughts on “Here is my next installment

  1. I’ve missed earlier installments, so I don’t have the back story on Will’s relationship with his father. For me, it would be a little easier with name tags in some of the dialogue, so I could fall into their heads a little faster rather than trying to remember which one is the father and which one is the son. I didn’t learn Will’s name until Para 5. Part-Romulan? An intriguing twist. Looking forward to finding out what Will finds out!


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