A Star Trek “TNG” fanfiction in several pieces

This was the story I told you about from Galaxy Class Volume 8.


The Captain had requested Commander Riker’s presence in his office at 0900 hours. When the Commander arrived he appeared quite nervous. The Commander sat down in front of the desk as he had done so many times before. The Captain began, “Will, I’m not sure what this is about, but I’ve been told that your father has been sent for and will arrive shortly.”

Commander Riker appeared confused and mildly alarmed as to why his father was en route.

Finishing, the Captain said, “All I was told by your father was to mention the name “Thunderball” to you.”

At the mention of his former nickname the Commander turned bright red.

Noting the color change in “Number One,” the Captain appeared to smile and remarked, “So that was Squibby’s revenge.”

“Very perceptive, I guess that’s why you’re the Captain, remarked a slightly chagrined first officer.

Data’s voice sounded over the intercom. He informed the two men that the Commander’s father had just beamed aboard.

The Commander touched the communicator on his chest and asked Data to inform his father that he would meet him in Ten-Forward.

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