The final installment of Awash in Good Intentions.

She quickly mumbled another spell while holding her wand which was still wrapped around the piece of parchment but attempting to make it look like she was merely scratching her head with it. She was hoping nobody noticed her spelling herself, but what the paper said was on her mind left her aghast.

When Professor Snape snatched the paper away to see what she had done, she snidely sashayed past him and muttered the word bastard into his slightly stunned face as were those of the order watching through the mirror.

The Professor, snatching the paper from her, looked to see what originally had been on the paper. Surreptitiously, he turned away with a sweep of his cloak designed to keep the order that he knew was watching as well as any deatheaters which he was uncertain of from noticing him point his wand at the parchment and intone the spell, “Reveal your secrets.”

Mad-Eye Moody, who was listening as well as watching the proceedings, realized as both Sirius Back and Professor Lupin had said that Hermione was “the smartest witch of her age” were quite correct. She knew what Professor Snape was doing for them and was about to “take one for the team” as it were. Other members of the order were wondering what made the girl, who seemed as closed off as Molly Weasley, cuss.

Sirius was the only one who had watched a muggle movie called “Flashdance” and therefore knew what the chair placed beside the distended chain denoted.

The original song was “Without You” from another muggle movie entitled “Rent.” Severus tucked the offending piece of parchment inside his cloak intending to burn on returning to his room.

The strains of the music began as Hermione began the dance as well as to step away from the suit she had begun in. As eyebrows all around Hogwarts began to rise, both Harry and Ron seemed to feel a great unease.

Watching with anticipation, Sirius told Molly that she might not want to watch this.

Hermione then looked up, and as she arched her back, mumbled to herself, “It’s too late to turn back now”, took a deep breath and pulled the chain.

Back at Grimmauld Place, trying to contain the amusement in his voice, he said to the shocked assemblage, “It appears that at Hogwarts….Puberty has struck!”

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