The End of the Hollyleaf story

This story originally came to me before we knew Hollyleaf had survived. This has been written from a cat’s perspective I hope). Hollyleaf’s story had not yet been written and any resemblance to this or any the other Warriors stories are purely accidental. All Warriors characters are the sole creation of Erin Hunter. All the Hallows characters from the Rachel Morgan series are solely the creation of Kim Harrison. In a normal world these characters would never meet. Welcome to the train wreck that is my mind.

Once Rachel awoke she was furious with Jenks, realizing he had pixed her. “You were in no condition to win that battle. Tink’s panties Rache, even though newly dead, Kisten was still able to recall his feelings for you and bit Al, so now that son of a fairy fart ended up killing Kisten twice so he’s truly dead now. Al eascaped whether he’ll survive Kisten’s bite I don’t know,but I hope Kisten got some of his own back!” Rachel picked up the limp form of Hollyleaf and took her back to the church to recover. She found no sign of Skimmer… which didn’t trouble her, since they never really got on. Several days later… In the FIB’s interrogation room, Hollyleaf was glad for the opposable thumbs as well as being partnered with someone who knew how to use them. Bast apparently had a sense of humor, thought Hollyleaf, since her consciousness was awake in the two-legged body of Erica Skimmer during the daylight hours and Skimmer was conscious within the feline body at night. Once all hell finally broke loose and before actually killing Piscary, she hissed in his ear, “I told you when I visited you in prison that I would ask Bast for my revenge if anything happened to Kisten. Piscary, suddenly ice cold with horror, realized that this was the cat, Hollyleaf as she proceed to sink her now vampirically long fangs into Piscary and using her new found strength, putting a hand on either side of his head, gave it a quick jerk sideways, thus snapping it with a loud crack. “I am now both cat and vampire”, she purred, as he slumped to the floor.

******************************************************************************Later that night as Hollyleaf slept and Skimmer prowled in her feline form, Bast came and said she could walk in her family’s dreams and tell them what has become of her.

Firestar opened his eyes, to see a two sparkling green eyes shining fron out of a cave. Besides him was his mate Sandstorm as well as both his daughters Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Slowly as his eyes adjusted he saw Leafpool nudging awake her surviving kits Lionblaze and Jayfeather, one a warrior, the other a medicine cat. The eyes in the cave remained still, then a voice came out of the shadows. A familiar voice.

“Please do not be afraid when you see me”, as she inched forward from the shadows with her belly as close to the ground as she could get it. “I’m half -world now, not just half-clan.”, she said with a deep sigh. The voice was Hollyleaf’s but the body was that of a two-leg… a two-leg like they had never seen or scented before. Her family all gasped in unison.

“I made a friend…a very good friend that I cared about deeply. He told me that his former master wished to kill him…and that one of the Goddesses in his belief system was a cat/woman named Bast (sometimes also called Bastet). He told me I could call upon the Goddess if I were in danger from his executioner.” She gave me the ability to avenge his life as well as my own. She gave her family a sad smile. “The only regret I have is that I cannot return to StarClan and this world”, she said looking around her. “I killed Ashfur”, she confessed casting her eyes towards the green grass they all stood upon.

Brambleclaw replied, “I know”. She looked at him her eyes widening in surprise. As he continued, “I needed a dirt place…and I needed it fast. I was in the bushes by the lake. Being the son of Tigerstar I knew the looks you and your brothers would receive if he had told everyone, so kept my muzzle shut”. He said this looking as regretful as she felt about everything she had put her family through, so she inched forward on her belly and rubbed her cheeked against his before touching her nose to his.

Firestar told her “Go with StarClan” as each member of her family brushed their pelts against her legs.

Looking up to see the sky’s colors beginning to softly fade she saw that the cats, who were her family, starting to disappear and knew that she was not going to see them again.

With sadness in her heart, she turned to her new world, wondering what new lessons were in store for her to learn.

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