For those wishing to see what’s next

Showing up for the ball on the arm of Viktor Krum wasn’t the only thing that stunned Harry and Ron, but apparently they discovered much to they’re mutual surprise that during all Hermione’s summer doing something that the muggles referred to as summer stock she had not only met, but had been preforming with the band that was the entertainment that Hogwarts had hired for the ball. The lead singer, a friend named Gwen, had just gone into labor only an hour ago. She had been requested by owl and was asked if she could perform Gwen’s set. After showing the letter to Viktor and making the arrangements to continue their date after her part of the show, did she send a return owl setting down the conditions under which she could perform both duties. It was only a four song set (or three songs and one dance) depending on what was in the mind of the volunteer for the request portion as she informed Viktor.

Hermione excused herself after the first few dances and went backstage where she hugged the male lead, who she hadn’t seen in quite a while. She inquired after Gwen, who she discovered to her delight had twins. A girl and a boy. Entering onto the stage, all eyes on her, she took up the two performing wands that she used when substituting for Gwen. Not unusual in wizarding shows, but a surprise to her classmates, she held both wands above her head and diagonally brought each down across her body in unison, changing her party ensemble into a sleek black body tight cat suit! Both Pansy’s and Draco’s jaws dropped in unison as Hermione began with the introduction of her first song, a muggle piece called “Holding out for a Hero”. To those first strains she began quickly twirling her wands. One clockwise and the other counterclockwise, raising them simultaneously over her head she produced a pyrotechnic display equal to any performer they’d ever seen.

Poor Pansy thought Professor Flitwick as he looked over to see a delighted Professor McGonagal, head of Gryffindor, the house to which Hermione belonged.

Pansy, in tears, turned and buried her face in Draco’s chest. Automatically Draco embraced his weep girlfriend while realizing his up and coming problem, embarrassing him terribly seeing that it was over a mudblood no less!

Her next two numbers went rather quickly and uneventfully, which Hermione was quite happy about since she wanted to resume being Viktor’s date. This last number would require a volunteer so both students and staff, who had put their names into a magical hat upon their arrival for this number, her last and she was eager to get this over with. She blanched when she saw the name that appeared to her, but knew from the looks directed at her that she could change the name she had chosen.

The name was Professor Severus Snape!

Arriving on the stage, his unnerved self still well hidden by the earlier spell he had preformed on himself, was deeply sorry he had not taught the spell to Hermione, since after doing the enchantment that would be the song or dance currently in his mind for her to preform, Hermione, who after looking at the paper, started to exclaim “Sonofa…” fortunately catching herself before finishing but also realizing deatheaters who were probably spying on this affair as was the order of the phoenix. She quickly realized since Snape was clearly playing both sides against the middle, or so she believed. But what would the deatheaters consider worthy of her outburst and allow Professor Snape to continue his work?

5 thoughts on “For those wishing to see what’s next

  1. I think I’d be less lost if I hadn’t totally missed out on Harry Potter. But I gather that Hermione has surprised pretty much everyone, and that there’s some danger in the ‘volunter’ she’s inadvertently chosen.

    And hooray for Gwen – no way I would have been up to singing for an audience when I was in labor! She’s obviously meant to be a star, that one! =)

    And I agree with ReGi. These are easier to read than the earlier pieces I’ve seen,


  2. I’m not sure how I’ve made it easier to read. If you or Regi can tell me what I did…maybe I can do it again. (On purpose this time) lol


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