First part of Awash in good intentions

I had this on goodreads for a while and no-one seem to really express any interest, I’ve since decided to do a little rewriting and I’ve divided this into two parts. !st to see if anybody is interested in reading the second as well as the first. And secondly and most importantly my eyes are getting too tired to finishing writing part two for my flashdrive before pasting it here.

This story takes place at the time of the Yule ball and other than for the characters involved shows no resemblance to the books/movies whatsoever. If any part does it is entirely accidental and will probably result in a coronary on my part. My mind also added from the movie Flashdance which I had been watching while I was reading and munching Cheez-its (not in the story). All characters from the books/films are creations of J.K. Rowling. Welcome to the train wreck of my imagination.


Prior to leaving the Great Hall, Ron grabbed Harry by the arm and took him aside, he then told him about a flyer he had seen for choir auditions. “Wouldn’t Hermione be perfect?” he went on enthusiastically. Harry agreed. Hermione, who had been close, started to reenter the dining room looking for her companions, replied that she didn’t believe it was fair since she was experienced in the performing arts.

Pansy Parkinson, was walking with Draco overheard this, and putting on her usual airs said loudly enough for all passerby’s to hear, ”So the stuck up little mud-blood thinks she’s better than the rest of us and is making up excuses once again because the truth is so obvious!”

Ron and Harry, now with they’re backs up, weren’t about to let this pass. The two looked at one another, silently vowing that they’d find a way to get Hermione to say yes.


Being an empath, Harry said to Hermione, ”You do realize Pansy is jealous, don’t you. She thinks you’re interested in Draco.”

In exasperation, Hermione turned to back to Harry, “She thinks any girl Draco looks at for longer than a millisecond wants him for her own.”

“Hermione, can’t you just do this for Ron….” Hermione gives him an upturned eye look, “O.K. for me too.”


Professor Snape, present at the audition at Pansy’s insistence, was already feeling as only an empath could that if it had been Lily who had been challenged she’d be behaving just as Hermione and therefore spelled himself to prevent anyone from noticing any untoward reactions on his part.

Pansy was the first to perform. Folding her arms down in front of her and standing straight and still, she sang a sweet little version of a lullaby standard to all wizarding children. Her voice being high and screechy and would’ve seen both Professors Snape and Flintwick scrunching they’re eyes in pain pain as the key she sang in was obviously EEEEEEEE.

Once finished she looked over at Hermione with a “now top that” look on her face. Hermione looked at her friends, “Sorry, I’ve changed my mind…this would be supremely unfair considering how long I’ve been studying, although she’d be singing tonight at the ball as a favor to a friend in the band who has gone into labor.”

Both Professors looked at each other, clearly thinking the same thing. What has Pansy gotten herself into now!

2 thoughts on “First part of Awash in good intentions

  1. I had an easier time following this one. It seems to stand separate from the series better than some of the others you’ve posted. 🙂

    You have a couple places where you switch tenses, but I think your writing is improving. 🙂


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