Hands (unfinished or not)I’ll let you judge.

This story came to me after watching a movie called “ Practical Magic” and is in no way related to the movie. The characters I am working with are the property of J.K. Rowlings. I am simply playing with the toys that interest me and in no way attempting to infringe upon her great works.


Dumbledore couldn’t believe his eyes. Apparently he never expected this memory from Severus Snape.

Begging Lily to sit next to him, Severus took her hand and began to cry.

“What’s wrong”, she asked her friend with great concern while James stood by shocked by what he saw. Sirius knew Severus was in love with Lily even though James continued to poo poo the notion.

Snape now confessed to Lily to what he done.

“How can we trust Snivellus”, said Sirius to James, wildly gesturing with his hands.

“I’m at a loss too” James replied with a look at his wife.

“I have no love for you two”, uttered Severus, “but here I am nonetheless, hat in hand so to speak,for Lily”.

“For Harry too, if not for James”, implored Lily.

Looking down on the child, Severus said reluctantly, “for Harry too.”

“What do you propose?” asked James while Sirius turned into a dog and growled softly.

“Go into hiding, I’ve already begged Dumbledore to speak to you about it. He felt my requesting it would…be more…” , he looked down as he scuffed the toe of his shoe around like a child trying to find the right word, “fitting”, he finally uttered in a mutter that almost was to soft to hear.

Sirius, now human again, glared at him. “You expect us to believe you…doing this out of the kindness of your heart”, speaking more and more loudly as he slowly circled the man that he didn’t even think of as human.

“I love your wife” he said looking James square in the eye, his face still wet with his tears. “How could you’ve not known. Were you truly so blind or did you wish not to see?!”

“You love her that much”, James asked in shock as he finally accepted the truth that he had only suspected yet refused to accept up until now.

“Yes”, Snape hissed, eyes downcast as if embarrassed to be caught allowing someone else to see emotions in him, especially this someone.

“I ask one thing of you Severus”, Lily seriousness dripping from her voice, “if anything happens to us protect Harry with your life.” This requests she made as she opened a drawer in which she had an athame. “A ceremonial dagger she explained to a shocked James and Sirius. It is used by magical muggles, they call themselves witches. They refer to us as wand channelers since they channel through their emotions. She said all this while drawing a circle on the ground with a 5 pointed star within its frame. She then added candles to each of the points. You and Sirius”, she waved the dagger in the direction of her husband and his best friend. You are known as pure blood so you are unable to perform such spells. It is similar to an unbreakable vow, but death is not part of this although it is considerably stronger.” Taking the dagger, she drew it across her right palm diagonally then handed it to Severus to do the same. He did not hesitate.

When they clasped hands, their hair began to float and then the winds about them grew strong enough that both Sirius and James eyes widen in fear. The two lift above the ground as their heads went back. Their bodies straight, clasped one hand to the other above their heads, their stomachs seemed to come towards each other as if they were about to do a backbend and touch the back of their heads to their ankles.

James and Sirius watched breathlessly as a white light burst forth from their bodies and threw them to the ground as well as Lily and Severus.

5 thoughts on “Hands (unfinished or not)I’ll let you judge.

  1. That’s a very dramatic ending. I’m not really up on these characters, but I don’t think my spouse would be remotely that calm if someone confessed loving me, and then this happened! Makes me wonder how deep James’ love for his wife goes…


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