next addendum to princess

Entering the prison, Harry looked all around him, awed at the size of the structure. The high vaulted ceilings, the drab colorless walls that appeared to be both thick and thin at the same time. He requested of the guard ascorting them to be allowed to visit with Lucius Malfoy.

Continuing to looked both here and there as he and a nervous Doby followed the guard, they were brought to a small room that looked similar to the ones that Harry had seen when peeking at assorted T.V. programs viewed by his cousin Dudley until he ended up being caught.

Harry sat on one side of the bullet (or in this case) spell-proof glass, as a curious Lucius Malfoy was escorted in. Taking his seat Mr. Malfoy gave Harry a quizzical albeit sneering look.

“Come to gloat, Potter?!”, questioned Malfoy’s stentorian voice tinge with curiosity.

“I’m trying to fix an incredibly stupid mistake on my part—I threw the book into a place where it will be lost forever”, Harry said with more bravado than he felt. “You once said that I should learn the difference between dreams and reality, so you should be the first to realize if I am dreaming that Narcissa is in dager from him…then she is! Besides you know she would make something as serious as an unbreakable vow for anything less than the protection of Draco’s life.” Lucius eyebrows rose as his heart jumped into his throat. Harry continuing, “Draco wants to make daddy proud and therefore thinks Voldemort wants him because he’s gifted, rather than a sacrifice to test Narcissa’s loyalty and obviously Voldemort was hoping I’d see a parallel between her protecting her only son with her life and my mother. Sensing some skepticism on the elder Malfoy’s part, Harry decided the way to hammer home his request was to say with hand extended as he had seen Snape do in his dream, “I will make an unbreakable bond with you if that’s what it’ll take for you to help Narcissa!”

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