Supplement to Princess

“Don’t go in there, Harry”, warned Dumbledore. Harry turned away from the door to the school’s hospital wing and looked up at Dumbledore with pained eyes.

“I know how you’re feeling, but right now Narcissa won’t be in a very receptive mood. Not to say you haven’t learned from experience that this family reacts shooting curses first”. Dumbledore laid his hand on Harry’s shoulder, “No matter the intentions…” Harry, walked back towards the Gryffindor common room , head down, kicking the toes of his shoes on the floor as he walked, desperately trying to think of ways to make amends, especially now that he realized the truth. He dreamed of the unbreakable vow because Voldemort wanted him aware of what it meant.

Back in the Gryffindor common room after having disposed of the offensive potions book that contained that awful spell, Harry was alone with Ron and Hermione.

Hermione spoke first, “Do you still believe Draco is a deatheater…I mean considering how easily you beat him?”

Harry replied forcefully, “I know he is. Not because he’s as good as Voldemort has led him to believe he is. But as a suicide mission… a sacrificial offering, to test his mother’s loyalty. Will she allow him to die trying something he’s clearly incapable of doing or will she do like my mother and get in-between him and Voldemort figuratively saying over my dead body”.

Both Ron and Hermione stared at Harry with the same question in their eyes. Why?

Seeing their looks, Harry clarified the matter by saying that Ron had clued him in at the world cup.

“Me”? squeaked an astonished Ron while Hermione just looked curiously at Harry… waiting for him to elaborate.

Dobby”, said Harry simply.

“Ron said House-elfs had no free will…they needed orders…even to be granted freedom”. Harry paused, letting the information sink in before he continued, “Ginny was 11… I was 12 at the time of the chamber of secrets incident. You were both at the Quidditch World Cup. You both saw how she was around children, even the MUGGLE children who wandered into our encampment despite the muggle repelling charms. She politely, “motherly” led the back to where they were supposed to be. She is a mother first. She wouldn’t fight a child…any child. Not even me. She sent Dobby. I’m sure of it! She’s the one Voldemort is after. He’s just using Draco.

Ron and Hermione both showed surprise on the faces, but both were certain Harry was right. Finally Hermione spoke, “I’m sure your right, but what do we do now”?

“I’ve an idea”, Harry shakily answered, “but I’ll need Dobby’s help”. The former house-elf appeared as if had been listening, simply smiled and answered, “Anything for Harry Potter”.

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