Tradgedy- part 4 of Hollyleaf’s story

This story originally came to me before we knew Hollyleaf had survived. This has been written from a cat’s perspective I hope). Hollyleaf’s story had not yet been written and any resemblance to this or any the other Warriors stories are purely accidental. All Warriors characters are the sole creation of Erin Hunter. All the Hallows characters from the Rachel Morgan series are solely the creation of Kim Harrison. In a normal world these characters would never meet. Welcome to the train wreck that is my mind.

Hollyleaf sprang at the vampire as he burst through the door. He hit harder than any clan cat she had ever known to hit, whether solo or in mass. As she lay on her side bleeding and unable to even twitch her tail, she heard Kisten call say “Oh god! Al!

Even in her hazy, semi-conscious state she realized that this was the undead vampire Kisten had told her about when he related how Ivy helped him with one of Piscary’s pseudo “accidents”. More likely to test Kisten’s ingenuity than anything else, but instead Ivy had framed Al for the crime and basically killing two birds with one stone and thus freeing herself from the I.S. woes Al was showering on her.

******************************************************************************As Hollyleaf lay on her side where she had landed with the sound of bones breaking, she saw him throw Kisten across the room where his head hit the side of a table and she saw the pool of blood that quickly engulfed him. Hollyleaf’s mind was swimming from her vast blood loss, she recalled what Kisten had told her about the Cat Goddess, Bast. She also prayed for StarClan to allow her ask favors of the Goddess. She begged once again for the opportunity to not only come back to and exact vengeance for herself but also for Kisten. So when the Goddess appeared to her offering her the vengeance she desired, she could care less about the price that the Goddess asked if she would do this for her. “Would you be willing to pay with your pelt?, she asked. “Anything”, was Hollyleaf’s coldly hissed reply as the blackness began to engulf her.

Time seemed to standstill once the Goddess arrived, the vampire that Ivy had attended school with, Erica Skimmer,although Piscary’s lawyer, who was once Ivy’s lover and still wished to be, stood beside the Goddess. Skimmer had decided to spy on the taking of Kisten’s last blood and witnessed the death of the cat who had threatened Piscary with the wrath of the cat Goddess if either she or the handsome vampire under her protection should come to harm.

Bast asked Skimmer the same question as she did to Hollyleaf, but changing the word pelt to skin. Skimmer’s answer echoed that of Hollyleaf.

The Goddess the put one hand on Skimmer’s shoulder and the other on Hollyleaf’s. Arching her back and raising her head skyward she softly began to chant in her native tongue as a bright white ball of light engulfed them all.

Hollyleaf then felt a tingling from her muzzle to the tip of her tail that made her think of the light that came down from the sky during a storm. The warmth grew within her until she felt herself in a circle of light as big and as round as the full moon!

Awakening, she spotted where Kisten’s body fell after Al had picked him up and thrown him killing him instantly. Al’s mistake was in trying to attack Rachel because shortly after regaining consciousness in his new life although not remembering exactly why at first, Kisten knew he had to protect Rachel. After biting Al, Kisten took Rachel’s hands in his and told her that love never dies before falling into her arms. Rachel, hysterical and running after a now fleeing Al, falls to the floor having been dusted by her friend Jenks. Hollyleaf meows to Jenks that he did the right thing as she lay there, unaware of how much time has passed and no longer seeing Skimmer she decided she would groom herself while thinking of what she should do next.

Her tounge felt strange as she started to lick what she believed to be her paw only to discover shocked and confused that what she was looking at were two-leg hands! Rushing to find the slender piece of glass that Kisten called a mirror she stumbled several times trying balance on her new legs. Apparently the Goddess had put her into Skimmer’s body. At first she did not sense the presence of the other female,but the the Vampire suddenly grew towards consciousness. Realizing she was not alone in her body, the strange alliance had begun.


6 thoughts on “Tradgedy- part 4 of Hollyleaf’s story

  1. I haven’t read the Warriors series, but my daughter says they are really good. She’s read those and some of the other series (I forget what those are called).

    I like this snippet. I have a weakness for “must get along/shared body/shared mind/trapped together” type stories. LOL


    • I hoped I tamed it down enough since the Rachel Morgan series is 21,Not children’s like the warrior’s series.
      A friend challenged me to write this from the cat’s point of view. You can check it out from th he start. This is chapter 4.


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