Graves Disease

People want me to Blog more , so I’ve decided to rant on Graves Disease. I also tested positive for Hashimoto’s as well.

Most doctor shows on T.V. that you see concerning this issues on thyroid disease only deal with Graves/Hoshimoto’s in short bits and mostly concentrate on the weight aspects, rarely mentioning the other symptoms leaving many thinking this is weight oriented only. The most common misdiagnosis of Graves is panic/anxiety attacks. When I had my RAI treatment (radio active iodine) the first two things I enjoyed having happened is (1) my heart rate returned to a normal rate of speed and rhythm and (2) my temperature returned to a more normal setting. (Some refer to the thyroid as the body’s thermostat).I was very hot for a very long time. It’s not like a summer heat that feels like a heavy blanket of heat layered on top of you, but like a volcano inside your body where you can looked at your arm and think you are seeing watery waves raising off your body like look through smoke rising off a BBQ. On the support group on belong to through facebook, we share with each other things we don’t always hear from our endo (endocrinologist) as well as rant to the only other people who really understand rather than those who think they’re helping when they say, ” Just let it roll off your your back”, or the even nicer, “You’re always so negeative”, rather than, “I’ve been through this and I know you’ll get through too-I’m here and willing to listen.

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