Last 7 paragraphs of Jealousy chapter

Kisten, Rachel, and Jenks exchanged looks. They may not have understood the phrase “bees in my brain”, but the emotion was there. Especially for Rachel who had recently learned her father that she had grown up with and was very close to was not her biological father. “Squirrelflight, the cat we thought was our mother, confessed to Ashfur when he attempted to kill us in a fire”, she went on never sensing Rachel’s empathy.

The others looked on questioningly, so Hollyleaf clarified that Squirrelflight was leading the to safety through the dirt place. The two legs- the Inderlanders- looked confused until Jenks started roaring with laughter, YOU MEAN THE BATHROOM!

Continuing, after a sharp look at Jenks, she said “Ashfur blocked our way and wanted to kill us because he believed we were Squirrelflights kits. He went on to say he had arranged to kill Firestar, Squirrelflights father, the leader of Thunderclan, not to rule the clan, but to hurt Squirrelflight for choosing Brambleclaw as her mate when in his opinion she had clearly led him on!”

Hollyleaf guiltily purred looking down at her paws, “I didn’t mean to kill him, it just kind of happened. I later discovered that Squirrelflight’s sister, Leafpool is our kit mother—and she is a medicine cat!” she spat with enough venom to make them all jump (n ot to mention think of Ivy yet again).

“Medicine cats are NOT supposed to take mates or have kits—SHE BROKE THE WARRIOR CODE!”, she yowled in what could’ve passed for a distressed infants wail. She continued on, this time meowing much softer, almost silently, “At the next gathering (a time when the four clans came together to share news and warn each other of such dangers as foxes in the territory) I did what Ashfur had threatened to do. I told everyone who our real parents were, then I ran from the gathering and into a hallow log that led to a tunnel where my brothers and I played as kits. There was a cave in and I finally woke in an area of Starclan called the grey forest.

Stroking her back, Kisten told her that his people had a saying, that the road to hell was paved with good intentions. Sighing loudly, “I don’t think your mother or your aunt meant to hurt you or your brothers”.

Agreeing, she began to purr, got to her paws and began weaving a figure eight between his legs as she had seen kitty pets do. Feeling a closeness to this two legs that she had never felt before, she came to the conclusion she was in love and prayed to the cat goddess he had told her of, begging for his protection and for her right to vengeance if he were killed.

Sensing danger heading their way she arched her back and hissed to Jenks, “The door”!


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