Today’s story-next 7 paragraphs of the jealousy chapter.

Alighting gently on the coffee table, Hollyleaf sniffed at a picture of  Kisten and Rachel together. Once again she felt that strangeness within herself of wanting, no desiring, to be so very close with this two-legged tom! Male, she chastised herself, cats are toms and he is not a cat!

She was looking over at Kisten when he realized that she had probably never seen a photograph in her life explained that it was just like staring at her reflection in a puddle, just more permanent.

After a moment or two of silence, she meowed, “Where are her teeth?’

“Rachel is witch” he  answered  through a mouthful of pizza “and Jenks is a pixie” he finished as he wiped the sauce that was dribbling down his chin.

The ring sized box stared to rise from his pocket, which he quickly shoved down and glared at Jenks who swore under his breath,”Tinks little red thong” when he realized that he stowed away on the night Kisten planned to propose. Not realizing Kisten’s reason for not doing so was that the man did not expect to be alive after sundown.

******************************************************************************Taking another slice, Kisten went on to inform Hollyleaf,  that as a group, those living in the area known as the Hallows were called Inderlanders as opposed to the other side of the river where they were referred to as humans. In fact there are two different types of Inderlanders he informed her. He being a high-blood living vampire as opposed to the more common low-blood living vampires. Usually referred to as shadows.  Not wanting to accidently tell Rachel about his imminent death,  knowing full well she’d try to fight,  he changed the subject.

Speaking softer than ever and lying down with her tail wrapped around her paws like a sphinx, Hollyleaf meowed,  “It all started with a prophecy”.  She continued, my brothers were two of the three- I was not. Yet I had convinced myself I was, and then I learned that I and my brothers were half-clan, not full clan. I guess you can say I developed bees in my brain.”

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