Next Piece of Hollyleaf’s Story

This story originally came to me before we knew Hollyleaf had survived. This has been written from a cat’s perspective I hope).  Hollyleaf’s story had not yet been written and any resemblance to this or any the other Warriors stories are purely accidental. All Warriors characters are the sole creation of Erin Hunter. All the Hallows characters from the Rachel Morgan series are solely the creation of Kim Harrison. In a normal world these characters would never meet. Welcome to the train wreck that is my mind.


Rachel would be arriving soon said Kisten to Hollyleaf, who was curled up on his pillow next to the still slightly dozing vampire. Hollyleaf got up slowly arching her back as she stretched to her full length before slowly slinking up to the handsome two-legged vampire, wondering both how and why she felt this way for a two leg yet not for any of the tom cats who used to shower her with their attentions. Even if they had been from another clan she believed that would have been more acceptable to StarClan! And could they even see her in this world?! Would she even go back if she died?


Her musings were cut short when Rachel arrived earlier than expected. Kisten didn’t want her to know about his last blood being sold. He said she’d do something foolish to stop it and most probably die too.


The two had planned an early dinner together. Jenks had stowed away in her handbag and flew straight to her earring once she opened it.He hardly perched there for a second when he yelped,”Tinks Panties, Rache! When did Kisten get a cat?” Smelling the fear coming off of him, Rachel exclaimed, “You have a cat too.” He answered surly, “Yeah but my cat smells like a cat!, his smells like a vampire!” ******************************************************************************

“My name is Hollyleaf!” hissed the beautiful and sleek  creature with shiny black fur and sparkling deep emerald eyes. Coming closer and sashaying in a way that made both Jenks and Rachel think of their roommate, Ivy Tamwood, a high blood living vampire like Kisten. “Use it!”, the feline version of their roommate spat.

Jenks spoke first “Tinks a Disney Whore”, he swore. “She’s a feline version of Ivy!”


“Who is this Ivy that everyone is comparing me to?” Hollyleaf hissed while slowly circling Rachel, wondering why she felt as if she suddenly had a rival for the handsome two-legged vampires affections. She found this unusual desire to keep Kisten to herself strange since she still felt feline.

*****************************************************************************The pizza Kisten ordered had arrived. Hollyleaf joined the others at the table, lured by the smell. Never having seen pizza before let alone eating it,  she approached tentatively before pawing out a cat sized portion, not knowing whether this new food would agree with her delicate system or not. But she was hungry and the aroma wonderful, so she didn’t care. She tore into it and loving it she tore off another and bigger piece. Gobbling up to more, Jenks shouted “Hey Kist, you sure she’s a cat and not a pig!” In one leap, Hollyleaf was on the ceiling beam next to a wide eyed Jenks. “I’ve never seen a cat jump like that”, he said. She hissed back, “I never saw such a tiny two-legs with wings.”

3 thoughts on “Next Piece of Hollyleaf’s Story

  1. Having just been introduce to these characters I will need some time to connect with them, but I did enjoy the pizza eating part of the snippet. Is a fun read. 🙂


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