I just tried putting in the other paragraphs since it didn’t end up looking like 7. It said it worked the first time, but I don’t find it., so here I go again.

Her name was Hollyleaf and she sensed he was feeling more defeated than angry, so she decided to take a chance and sit near him despite the fact that he was what her friends and family referred to as a two-legs. Hollyleaf, while approaching the benches where the two-legged vampire sat, passed by a cat who she greeted as they passed and found to her great surprise the amount of fear scent it gave off as it sprinted away as if a cat from the dark forest, her clan’s version of hell, was after it. Another cat approached her, solid black with intense emerald eyes, saying, “Hi, I’m Jet”. “Since we obviously can speak to each other you must be a vampire cat too. We can speak to each other as well as to the two-legged variety. If you need a friend to help you get acquainted with the area I live behind the pizza place.” He told her pointing out the building with his tail. She thanked him although she did not feel as drawn to him as she did to two-legged vampire. She leaped onto the bench beside Kisten and stared intently into his deep blue eyes, and much to her surprise found herself purring as loudly as if she were trying to attract a mate!
“Scat”! he said in an angry growl. Hollyleaf’s mood was no better than his. She turned to him glaring and hissed “Shove it you mouse-brained two- legs!” Why am I acting so strangely she wondered.It’s not like cats and two-legs could become mates. Or could they? In this strange new world she just didn’t know.
“Mouse-brained two-legs!” Kisten cried out in shock, not so much from her words but that he understood them. He could actually talk to this cat!
My name is Hollyleaf she meowed in a tone that made him think of his friend, Ivy. She certainly had her temperament!
Kisten after introducing himself told her that he was called a vampire (although two-legs was an admittedly accurate description). A living vampire, he clarified is what he was. There was also he explained an undead variety too, such as his former master Piscary, but that she wouldn’t be seeing any while the sun was up and that he’d be undead when the sun went down and insane and doubly dead within a day or two, since he’d have no-one to keep him sane or keep him from walking into the sun when his sanity faltered.
Hollyleaf said she’d like to try since she was now a vampire cat although she didn’t know if they could share blood not being the same species.
“I appreciate the help” Kisten told her. “Maybe since the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, Piscary might allow me to keep my last blood if he believes an emissary of the goddess Bast came to my aid”.
He took her to a pet supply store for a few things that he informed her would be necessities for indoor living. Hollyleaf rode in the cart and picked out whatever attracted her. The items that she picked just happened to be the most expensive, leaving Kisten feeling that like any other female, she went more than a little overboard with his money. But he had to admit, her taste was exquisite.
He escorted her to his home, a houseboat, making Hollyleaf mrrrower with amusement. A two-leg who lived like a riverclan cat! She leapt up the stairs almost slipping twice. Once on board, Kisten told her to make herself at home. Grabbing a towel, he told her that he was going to shower before his love, Rachel Morgan, arrived for lunch. After receiving a quizzical look from Hollyleaf, he realized that she had no idea of what a shower was. He clarified that it was how two-legs groomed themselves.
She decided to investigate the apartment, but instead found she was very hungry. Deciding to hunt the mice that Kisten seeded the walls with, she found to her surprise how much more easily that the scents came to her. Catching one she ate noisily, after draining it of its blood of course, something which surprised her since she never did it before. Of course, today there were so many things she had never done before. But not realizing how hungry she had been, was now happily satisfied. Licking her paws clean of the mouse blood, she found that she needed to make dirt.
The pan that she and Kisten chose along with some sand, had been placed in the room where Kisten had gone to take his shower.
Being a naturally curious cat, she decided to enter the bathroom.
With her new vampiric strength, she not only leapt up to the unusually high doorknob, she snapped it clean off!
She was surprised by her inner stirrings that she felt upon seeing her first unclothed two-leg (vampire she corrected herself). Others of his species probably considered him quite a sight to behold. Once again she wondered if it was because of the change she had undergone in becoming a vampire cat that was bringing about this strange and sudden desire to mate.
Noticing her staring at him, Kisten yelped,”A little privacy please!”
Hollyleaf, kicking sand furiously over her dirt yelled back with considerable irritation in her voice, “You have two rooms in which to shower. I have only one in which to make my dirt! If you don’t watch me I won’t watch you!” This was the first time she saw a two leg without a pelt (clothes she tried to remember him calling them). To herself she found that feeling of desire returning and believed other two-leg females must feel the same, although she wasn’t about to let on to him.

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