Hollyleaf (7 paragraphs)

The original story came to me before we knew whether or not Hollyleaf survived. It is written from a cat’s eye view (I hope). Hollyleaf’s story had not yet been written and resemblance to this or any of the Warriors stories is purely accidental. All Warriors characters are the creation of Erin Hunter. All the characters from the Hallows-The Rachel Morgan series are solely the creation of Kim Harrison. In a normal world these characters would never meet. Welcome to the train wreck of my imagination.
Her first few paw steps left her feeling as defiant and unstoppable as ever and that everyone else was just a bunch of scaredy mouse-brained furballs. As soon as she was several fox-lengths in, she started feeling something strange in the pit of her belly, but she was determined not to turn and run like a frightened kit. Hissing with pain she didn’t understand and the frustration of being powerless to stop it, she discovered that her teeth were growing longer and that now instead of just delivering a quick killing bite to her prey, she longed to drain it of all its blood first!
As she continued forward investigating this new world that she found herself in, she realized that not only was this her new home but this was the reason no other cat was ever able to return!
Hollyleaf, seeing no other choice, decide to just continue putting one paw in front of the other and see what there was for her to see.
Once the forest ended, she saw a long wide and winding river surrounded by two leg nests. Wary, Hollyleaf approach slowly seeing a two leg in the distances on one of the black topped two leg paths that monsters stopped to rest on. This male two legs was throwing whatever he could get his hands on. She could scent the fear, anger, and frustration on him from where she stood. But why did she care. This was a two leg! This was definitely curious. And being naturally curious, she knew she had to investigate.
His name was Kisten and he was a vampire. His last blood had been sold by his former master, the vampire known as Piscary. Piscary was an undead master vampire whose honey-amber skin as well as his slight and well proportioned build hid just how dangerous and sadistic a creature he actually was. Kisten had been his devoted scion for most of his life, although everyone knew that it was Ivy Tamwood that he long to have filling that position. After forcing himself on Ivy, making her his own, he sold Kisten’s last blood for his refusal to kill Rachel Morgan. Rachel being the witch Piscary hated for jailing his father, Christopher, several years ago.
Kisten, after throwing everything he could get his hands on, finally calmed down enough to attempt to enjoy what time he had left. Depressed, he decided to go for a walk by the lake, which bordered the Piscary’s Pizza, the establishment where he had worked and lived. He now lived on a houseboat docked nearby. There were some benches around the lake. Deciding to sit, he leaned over resting his elbows on his knee and put his head in his hands. Not only had his last blood been sold, but it was to another camarilla! Talk about adding insult to injury! And he, Kisten, had loved Piscary, that sadistic bastard! He felt he was being watched and slowly raised his head to discover a black cat with the most startling emerald green eyes staring at him. Seemingly with love, or so he thought, but no, he shook his head . That’s crazy, he mentally told himself.

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