Hollyleaf’s Story

This story originally came to me before we knew Hollyleaf had survived. Hollyleaf’s story had not yet been written and any resemblance to this or any the other Warriors stories are purely accidental. All Warriors characters are the sole creation of Erin Hunter. All the Hallows characters from the Rachel Morgan series are solely the creation of Kim Harrison. In a normal world these characters would never meet. Welcome to the train wreck that is my mind.
Hollyleaf, who had just recently learned through Ashfur, that the cat who kitted her and the cat she always considered to be her mother were not the same cat. She was in shock, nothing made sense to her anymore. She was, she thought, part of a prophecy with her brothers. Now her world was turned upside down by a cat who hated her mother, or was that her aunt, simply because she chose another as her mate.
Her kit mother, a cat named Leafpool was the clans Medicine cat. Crowfeather, her father was not even of their own clan. Now, she and her littermates were half-clan! Medicine cats aren’t supposed to have mates! Let alone kits! She broke the Warrior Code!
Looking down at the dead cat, Hollyleaf wondered if she should’ve tried confronting Ashfur at all. She didn’t mean to kill him, but who’d believe her? He was a highly respected as well as a full-blooded member of the clan! She only wanted to convince him not to reveal her and her brothers at the gathering as he had threatened to do when she first found out during the fire so long ago.
It was a couple of moons later when Hollyleaf, herself, who shamed and stunned all by interrupting and surprising every assembled cat with the revelation of who her real parents were. A horrified Crowfeather, sitting with his now mate and son, disavowed both Leafpool and the kits.
Hollyleaf ran from the gathering and into one of the old tunnels that she and her brothers used to play in when they were kits and later paws. (Paws were older than kits but not yet Warriors). The cave collapsed and while her brothers and a few others frantically tried to dig her out, many others believed it was the will of StarClan (The clan of their recently as well as long dead ancestors).
When Hollyleaf opened her eyes everything seemed grey as opposed to complete darkness. She was expecting to wake in the dark forest. (A place where only the evilest of cats end up). She wandered around for what felt like an eternity when she ran into the once blind elder Longtail. Now in the grey forest, an area between StarClan and The Dark Forest, he was no longer old or blind. He told Hollyleaf that before most cats are allowed into StarClan that they must make amends for the misdeeds that they had done during their lifetime, such as eating before kits and elders were fed. He said, hanging his head in shame causing Hollyleaf to realize this was a crime he had committed in his lifetime.
Motioning with her tail, “What is that?” she meowed.
“It’s called “The Rainbow Bridge” by both kittypets and their two-legs. They come here to visit one another after passing from their former lives”.
“And the second bridge, over there”, she asked, pointing with her tail.
“I do not know” she was told by Longtail, but he did tell that there have been cats who’ve crossed and never been heard from again.
Hollyleaf, being a naturally curious cat, couldn’t take her eyes from the bridge. At long last, after sitting for ages, she decided that she was going to cross it. Nothing for me here she said to herself with a toss of her head. This would be the beginning of her greatest adventure ever.

3 thoughts on “Hollyleaf’s Story

  1. I can feel the makings of an interesting plot here. The timeline skips around quite a bit, though, which made parts of it difficult to follow. I think you have a good idea of your characters and what you want them to do, but we readers need a little more detail to flesh out the storyline. 🙂

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