Grabbing her by the arm Umbridge insisted on something. Professor Jones regaining some of her temper said o.k., but only based on the animation I just showed my students. I think this has a new meaning for me now.
Closing her eyes briefly, the opening strains of the song called “Let it Go” from the film that they had been viewing, began to play as all jaws to dropped when she made the entire classroom as well as the hallway they were standing in change to look just like the snow covered mountain of the movie. The only difference was they felt no wind or cold.
Fred Weasley, who joined the class only to be near this woman that had him thinking of marriage, thought her magical abilities were every bit as beautiful as he found her to be.
She further impressed him, the rest of the class, and maybe by the look on Umbridge’s face intimidated her when she created a roughly hewn ice bridge singing the words “It’s time to see what I can do…to test the limits and break through” as she ran up the ice bridge with her arms out either side of the bridge smoothing it out as she ran up it.
The magic was so beautiful that Fred had tears of pride in his voice when he told George that he intended to propose when the opportunity presented itself.
Sensing something Harry came around the corner to discover a wonderous sight. The stairs, hallway an Muggle Studies classroom now looked like snow covered mountain and he saw his sister singing at the top of the stairs and putting her foot down heavily as she sang,”I’m never going back…the past is in the past…”As she raised her arms creating a castle of pur ice, Ron , who was by Harry’s side sighed with awe and wonder “now that is brilliant.” Professor Snape stopped a little distance back as Serena sang, “When I rise like the break of dawn- Let it Go, Let it Go” as her clothes and appearance altered just as the character in the movie had. She stopped close, but not close enough for anyone else to see as she her father as she continued,”the perfect girl is gone- here I stand and here I stay …let the storm rage on” Looking into her father’s eyes and smiling she finished by closind the doors with “the cold dosen’t bother me anyway.” Harry felt the pride coming from what was left of the tortured, dying soul.
Once they had returned to Grimmauld Place, a brooding, moody Harry started straight for the room he shared with Ron. Ginny grabbed him by his forearm as he started to climb the stairs and turned him towards her demanding to know the details of his nightmare. She shouted that she had a right to know seeing as that it was her father that had been attacked. Her mother and brothers were surprised by Ginny’s anger, although they were all horrified and angry themselves at what happened to Arthur Weasley.
Sirius tried to intervene saying, “We can all discuss this in the morning when emotions aren’t running quite so high.” Ginny pushed him away angrier than she could ever recall being. In her mind she suddenly could clearly see a picture of a scene from a movie she recently saw in Professor Jones’s class, so when Sirius tried to gently put his arm under her elbow to turn her towards her mum, she yelled, “Enough”, swinging her arm in an arc like Queen Elsa did in “Frozen”. With the same sudden burst of magic as in the film, generated by her emotions, appeared the same arc of icy stalactites as in the scene. One and all gasped in shock as Ginny screamed out, “Bloody Hell-not again”, she stumbled towards the stairs, strained by the sudden burst of this advanced magic she had yet to learn to control. Harry tried to help her up the stairs, but she pushed him away. When he tried to follow, Sirius put a hand on his shoulder, and said, “Let her go…she needs some time to herself …to regain control and recuperate. This power takes a lot of a person.” When Harry, Heromine, and Ginny’s brothers looked over at him with stunned looks, Sirius sighed exhausted, “The last person I saw use such powers…to a much greater degree of course, was unconscious for two days afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Temper

  1. Interesting collision of fandoms! I find myself getting a bit lost, though – I’m sometimes not sure which character we are with, or how they relate to one another.

    There’s a lot of emotional power in your writing. I think, if you could bring that from exposition into the characters’ dialogue and actions a bit more, these scenes would be even more potent!

    I’m learning a lot about Harry Potter from your posts. Looking forward to more! =D


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