WIPpet Wednesday – The Contender

Cat_eye_(2267157496)Thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting. You can find more WIPpets here. To join, post an excerpt of your WIP that somehow relates to the date and add your linky.

Math for this post equals the last two digits of the year, for 15 paragraphs.

This story I wrote for a friend about what I thought might of happened if the movie continued beyond his walking out on the confirmation hearing like a big baby when things didn’t go his way. This is only a fan fiction and has nothing whatsoever to do with infringing on the actual writers work. I just like playing with other people’s toys.


Congressman Shelly Runyon returned home seriously pissed. President Jackson had just tricked him into marrying his career to Governor Jack Hathaway, who in pretending to play hero, had paid a girl to endanger herself and actually did result in her death. After a brief dinner where he completely ignored and perhaps even growled at his wife’s questions, he had a drink and retired to his bedroom. He and his wife hadn’t shared a bedroom in 20 years. He had followed her on the day she had her abortion, something he’s always been totally against, but was at the same time strangely relieved that they weren’t going to have children. This had been a fear of his for years. He always accepted that there was something different about him and didn’t want to chance passing it on.

He had a naturally neurotic nature that he tried to keep hidden under what he considered to be a mask of bravado and conviction. To others he appeared an arrogant, egotistical, and a self-righteous bastard.

Climbing into bed Shelly fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow and he began one of the strangest dreams he could ever remember having, or rather feeling this strange, since he never actually remembered any of his dreams.

In this dream sitting across from him was Senator Laine Hanson, who Shelly considered to be the cause of all his woes. He had been trying to depose Senator Hanson before the committee to approve of her nomination to become the new Vice President, although he was opposed to this and trying everything in his power to undermine her. In this dream, she wore a pink satin dress styled like a kimono.

The videotape of the lady college sorority initiation had become public knowledge thanks in large part to his behind the scenes efforts. So to have her as the main character in this dream was disconcerting to say the least, Shelly fell in love with her in college, although she was unaware of this small detail. She didn’t give the impression that she even remembered him. He had been one of the two frat boys that she was supposed have sex with. He was the one who photoshopped her head onto the body involved in the gang bang video.

In this dream, only a conversation seemed to take place. He realized this to be a dream right away, but it was unnerving nonetheless. He rolled over in his bed mumbling softly to himself.

First, she began by asking if he knew why he was dreaming of her. (Or was it perhaps his subconscious giving itself her form to make him feel more (or less) at ease. Before he could think of an answer, he looked down at himself to see he was now naked.

“Feeling a little exposed, are we?” she snickered.

He immediately tried to pull the covers up and found there were none. Crossing his arms in front of himself, he covered that part of himself with his hands. Trying with all his might to keep his voice from cracking Shelly attempted to justify why he felt she was the whore he proclaimed her to be.

“Are you really Laine” asked Shelly, “or just some aspect of myself trying to make me feel guilty?

“Feeling guilty?” questioned the image of the Senator.

“Not in the least”, he snarled, twisting in a further attempt to cover himself and feeling more constricted than ever.

“You were aware of your wife’s abortion, weren’t you”, she came back. “Can’t believe she loved you enough to choose you over breaking the promise you elicited from her about forgoing children for your career?” she paused then said “I know now that she’s in menopause that you’d like to move back into her bed. Just can’t figure a way to tell her.” Smiling she finished with maybe that’s why you chose this image to talk with. Maybe, she suggested, I represent the freedom to be yourself that you wished to possess.

All the noise coming from the bedroom concerned his wife and she decided to find out for herself what the problem was. Upon opening the door, her eyes became wide as saucers. For the first time since discovering she was pregnant, her husband had her laughing her ass off.

He was hanging upside down off the edge of the bed with the sheets and covers wrapped from wrists to ankles as tight as a mummy. Saying to him, “that must have been one hell of a dream”. He replied in four, very slow, very measured words, “Shut—-the—-fuck—-up!”

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