WIPpet Wednesday – Twins

Cat_eye_(2267157496)Thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting. You can find more WIPpets here. To join, post an excerpt of your WIP that somehow relates to the date and add your linky.

Math for this post equals 2 paragraphs for the 2nd of September. This takes place three weeks after the last post. If you missed it, you can read it here.

His excitement overflowing, the day Harry had been waiting for finally arrived. Today he would journey to Dovetown  and finally know for sure whether he had a sister or not. Together with Heromine and Ron they entered Rosemerta’s for a butterbeer and to meet the stranger Sirius had told the about. The three were surprised twice, first to see Ron’s brothers, Fred and George at the next table, then secondly to see as they had been speculating, the beautiful young professor who looked so remarkably like Lily approaching them. The only way the professor differed from Lily was her hair, which was long, straight,  jet black, and had a certain oily appearance that made the five young people think of Severus Snape. Once close enough she extended both hands to Harry,so that they would be on top of his.remembering Sirus’s letter, Harry extended both hands to her as well, palms upward, so as to grasp hers. “Don’t react- just listen. I am your half-sister.”

Harry smiled. “I see from how little outward reaction that you and your friends pieced together the meaning of Uncle Sirius’s owl and I think you’ve already guessed who my father was. I was 5 when your father married our mother. When you and your parents went into hiding I was sent live in America with dad’s new wife.” Harry looked surprised for a moment never guessing anyone would ever marry Snape or even date him—let alone his mother! Serena knowing what he was thinking replied, “the dad I knew and the man you currently know are not the same. Did your friends ever tell you about hermaphrodite twins?” At his confused expression, she told him that they are also referred to as Yin/Yang twins. Like what the muggles refer to as Siamese Twins, they are born connected, but not physically. These are joined magically, typically male/female. With the female being the yin and the male the yang. Same sex twins are extremely rare. Continuing, she said,” Your Godmother, my aunt was the first line of defense at your house that night. When Voldemort killed her, my dad awoke with only half his soul and that was now slowly dying! Harry felt a stab of pain like he never knew before. Just imagining how that man was suffering! Realizing what he was thinking from his shocked expression, she directed her thoughts to him advising strongly , ”Continue behaving toward him as if I never told you! Remember this isn’t the man you know!”

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