WIPpet Wednesday – Joining In!

Cat_eye_(2267157496)Sandra’s inaugural WIPpet Wednesday post. 🙂

Thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting. You can find more WIPpets here. To join, post an excerpt of your WIP that somehow relates to the date and add your linky.

Math = last digit of the year = 5 paragraphs from page one of her Harry Potter Fanfic. smile emoticon

This story I dreamt came from one particular song in a Disney movie called “ Frozen ”. It is set in the world of Harry Potter during Harry’s fifth year. The characters belong solely to J.K. Rowling. The craziness is mine. Thank you for letting me play with your toys.
Harry opened the letter that arrived by owl in his room. It was from Sirius. It said that on the next visit to Dove town which he knew was soon he was to meet someone, someone very special. Although Sirius said he thought she should have stayed in America, which was where she’d been living since she was 6 years old. Harry’s first hope was that he would be see Professor Jones, who looked very much like his mum .Sirius told Harry that when they met he should extended his hand palm upward and once they joined hands all would be explained. This confused Harry greatly and he wondered why should the joining of hands explain anything at all, but since discovering he was a wizard, he had discovered many astonishing things.

Harry puzzled over the letter, but Heromine looked excited. She tried to hide it, but Harry turned to her and said “Well poker face.”

With an air of embarrassment surrounding her, “I don’t want to get your hopes up,” she started, “but I can think of one thing that the joining of hands can mean in regards to the kind of explanation that Sirius is hinting at”, she said looking meaningfully at Ron. Ron seemed confused at first then appeared to be thunderstruck realizing what Heromine was apparently thinking. Getting impatient Harry shouted, “Tell me! I think I deserve to know.”

“O.K.”, replied Ron, “You know how I once told you that Ginny and I can speak telepathically when we hold hands?” Harry nodded. “Well it’s because we are blood relatives.” Harry thought on this a minute and then appeared to get excited. “Are you two thinking what I just started thinking?”

Heromine and Ron smiled at Harry as the three shared a hug and prayed they were right.

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